Monday, November 8, 2010

nov 8 agreement

For today's prompt, write an agreement poem. There are a few obvious ways I see to approach this type of poem: 1. Write a poem in which there is an agreement made between two or more people, animals, or things; 2. Write a poem in which the narrator (or a character in the poem) agrees with everything--regardless of whether it's beneficial to the person (or animal); or 3. Write a poem that is a contract (or proposed agreement) with the reader (a la Billy Collins). Hopefully, we're all in agreement to write some poetry today. (from:


T-bone said...

Oh Indeed

I agree that it's a great day
to eat some of my daughter's Halloween candy.
The candy agrees.
My daughter agrees that she doesn't
like peanut butter anyway. Today, it is also
agreeable to be five minutes
late to everything, and not really
agreeable to be on time except for fondue.
It was agreeable to destroy
Pruitt-Igoe. It is agreeable to destroy
the hollow sound of the highway.
To take destruction and agree.
To leave while everything is unpacked
and agree. Please day,
I agree,
and please let me down gently.

Beverly Writer said...

sometime in there we agreed
we'd placed our hearts in other nations.
we took to the airwaves
and we agreed mightily.
we were a convention of assent.
we were a pool of ponderance.
we said yes.
when we ran into nobodies we tried
to turn them into yeswomyn and yessirs even maybees sufficed.
I yearned for their mouths caressing YE but said whatever to sometimes. I wanted all yes, yes, yes indeed and of course and certainly. To run into NO at a party would weaven my bloodvessels. To yield to never would be to accept defeat certainly. this would not stand.