Sunday, November 7, 2010

Nov 7th--the props poem


When you're out in the middle
of nowhere sometimes it can feel
like you are out in the middle of nowhere,
and then you walk it up
next to the pregnant lady
at HyVee in platform shoes
and a red mini-dress. I didn't know
they made see-through maternity clothes?
Maybe I shop at all the wrong stores.
Maybe I need to use the better computer.
The one, accordingly to my Dad that is plugged
into a wall. Laptops can't be safe.
Up-side-down jellyfish can't be safe,
but people look at them anyway.
Target might not be safe
for jelly-fish, but if I were
a fleece, that is where
I would want to be.


Beverly Writer said...

Regarding professional of all stripes I’m pro
Pro human, pro love and pro pro
Pro movement and pro happiness
Pro love and pro choice and pro life
Pro juice and pro dinner
Pro lust and pro test
Pro pit and pro ponent
Pro pedagogy and pro orthodoxy
Pro enhancement and pro architecture
Pro vision and pro anger pro love
Pro pun pro nerd
Pro train pro boat
Pro skate pro van
Pro pro pro
Pro Gertrude stein pro edgar allen poe
Pro jam pro dance
Pro party pro gressive
Pro supper pro sandwich
Pro delivery pro love
And Pro list, obviously.

T-bone said...

Oh very nice!!!