Sunday, November 28, 2010

nov 28

"If you're feeling worn out by poeming this month, don't worry: We're completing our fourth week of prompts today. Only two days left after today's poem, so dig deep and try to get those last few amazing lines.

For today's prompt, write a "what really happened" poem. Use a real event (or an event from a popular movie) and spin it in another direction. Or use an event described in one of your poems earlier this month and spin it in a new direction. Or refute something that was never even in question. Or just poem any way that you can, because we're almost to the finish line."


T-bone said...

The lip syncing was real,
but Santa was never really
involved with Jesus. At Thanksgiving
presents might have been
given, but nobody was
really nervous about it
because there was enough
for everybody. It's not like everyone
was going around taking notice
of when lights were on
in their neighbor's houses. Tonight
the brownies took 50 minutes. People can
make a living out of singing. Mistletoe
can be made out of plastic, but you
still take a minute under it and kiss.

Beverly Writer said...

the family swim center collapsed under the weight of too much water
sheehan moved to ny, the kc.
sr got a job with yale, and then a better job w yale.
siri moved to korea, then western mass
sarah stuck around
tricia got married, moved to baltimore, had 2 kids.
mh continued to self promote mercilessly
and i got a dog and a different job, but stayed around, ultimately. I stayed around.