Monday, November 15, 2010

nov 15 let's rock this earthboat

from poetic asides:

"We're already half-way through the month. Today is prompt 15, which means there are only 15 left to go. It's all down hill from here, right?

For today's prompt, write a "just when you thought it was safe" poem. For instance, write a poem about the dangers of going off a diet just after hitting your goal weight, entering the water after it appears the killer shark has been caught (Jaws anyone?), or whatever else could offer a sneaky bit of danger. Of course, with only 15 days of poeming left, it's safe to assume you're going to finish this challenge--or is it?"


T-bone said...

The Iowa Cliffs

Just when you thought it was safe
you fall off the Iowa cliffs
and land in outer space.
You are surrounded by pine cones
and squirrels getting ready for winter.
It's a winning game, and if they don't
get the most nuts they could die.
You don't have any nuts--
you know how to respond to fire
alarms and last night's leftover
Indian food making a mess
of the kitchen. Just when you thought
it was safe, down here
in outer space at the bottom
of the Iowa cliffs, you are
in a room full of sunlight.

Beverly Writer said...

just when you thought it was safe

you saw those billboard advertising that the end of the world would occur on your birthday and so decided never to procreate, for fear that the day of your waking would also be the day of ending. o the exhaustion of being a depressive.