Friday, November 5, 2010

back up the bus: Nov 1-3

November 1: "closing the door" or "turning the page" poem. finding resolution with the fact that things will not be as they were.

November 2: 1) ready to start poem OR 2) "not ready" poem

November 3: kicatub poem. no, no, location poem. in a location, ok?


Beverly Writer said...

nov 2 rady poem:

ready ready ready
sometimes preparation is everything.
we slide our soft, moisturized hands into
gloves on a cold day. We tell our grandmother
we love her just before she dies
we escape Vermont completely
just before the snow falls or before
we finish constructing our snowshoes.
but that day
I cried hard, bled
through my white shorts
with my first period at the therapist’s
later I wrote triumphant letters
to sisters of the new lady hood.

Yesterday we cast ballors and told Steve Ross to take
art classes. We wrapped our hands around each other
and kissed the spoils of love and threads and
mounted bicycles to escape the water crisis.

Men laid track beneath the streets sand we used it,
unaware of how much this infrastructus made our lives possible.

I wanted to tell you
something about van Leewonhoek
who made the lens possible,
and I confess everything got away from me
space, place continet.
We were here in ebd together
sharing secrets and we are continents apart me dreaming of a Dutchman
posing for a portrait
you wondering what was for dinner.

Beverly Writer said...

spelling errors implied.