Saturday, April 11, 2009

On the occasion of my late paper

I should probably budget my time

and sit it down to a meeting with consensus

building on the agenda. As Straus suggests,

we could define our roles and identify

other participants like dinner, two-year olds,

the Press Citizen coming to interview my husband,

and the green heart of the Randstad.

Then there’s the game of shoving-


The game can come to the negotiation

and maybe strengthen its BATNA with a little joint

fact-finding venture with the unopened mail.

They could work together creating value

as they go along taking up space.

But this space is really time if you think

about it. Personality tests also take

up time, but is it up to you or time?

Time likes personality tests. True

or False? Time likes poems.

True or false? Poems like time but not so much

as they have to exist in time rather than

out of time. Right now,

it would be mutually beneficial for time to agree,

as walking out is not an option.

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