Thursday, November 6, 2008

dinosaur sex

next poem subject, ladies and germs.

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T-bone said...

About five months later...this poem is set to the tune of the dear liza song--

Dear Dinosaur

There's a hole in the ozone
dear dino dear dino
With what shall I mend it, dear dinosaur with what?

With clothes, dear Kristin dear Kristin, dear Kristin, with more clothes from the Gap, Abercrombie, and Saks.

How shall I find them, dear dino dear dino?

With you Garman Ms Kristin, Ms Kristin, Ms Kristin, with your Garman and your Uggs, you'll save a polar ice cap.

But I don't have any money dear dinosaur dear dinosaur, so how can I save the melting tundra?

Use credit, dear Kristin dear Kristin dear Kristin, use credit, Ms Kristin Ms Kristin use credit.

But there's a tar pit in my credit dear dino dear dino, there's a tar pit in my credit and I can't even flip a house!

Then get on reality TV dear Kristin dear Kristin, get on TV so you don't end up like me.

But I have a husband, and I'm not fat dear dino dear dino, I have a husband and I'm lazy and not a survivor.

Then have more sex, dear Kristin dear Kristin, have more sex and write a blog.

But I can't have more sex without Victoria's Secret Pink underwear dear dino dear dino, and I don't have any money, to buy the Pink.

But that's what us dinos thought dear Kristin dear Kristin, that's what us dinos thought, and now we're extinct.