Wednesday, April 23, 2008

mush mush

According to Wikipedia:

Mushing also can be used to describe the kneading behavior of domestic cats when they are content or are preparing to settle for a nap.

Can you write a poem about mushing? Or the Paris Review?


T-bone said...
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T-bone said...

Mush Mush

Accordingly, if you’ve been mushed
you may not be suitable to model for The Paris Review.
You may not have the edge of someone who has just lied
all week, setting up fake meetings, giving a dozen roses
to the braless office staff—this is it, Hot Pants!
Your apology, your chance to stand in the window and model.

Loss of hearing, balled up wet sheets,
and muffled encounters at a bar can feel
like mushing especially if your eyes itch afterwards.
Or like the surprise that is really a draft from the guest
bedroom that turns out to be a dog suddenly snoring
with a cat on top, mushing.

Just been mushed will get you to work late.
A jazzed up yard, fresh asparagus growing
and a solid strawberry patch that Produces,
can really get the leaves out—more catalog-like.
More begging, more booze, more Facebook;
more Wikipedia mushing all over you.