Tuesday, March 4, 2008

It's Interactive!

Snow Blowing with Dennis

Crack open our walk, Dennis.

Blow snow on Rainbow Fish

two doors down. The shack

of Chicken Chest or is it Dizzle Dazzle.

Careful Twinkle Star, protect your name, your ceramic

goose head poking through the snow.

Do our walk, please Dennis.

Preserve the harmless fractals, those florets of broccoli,

each the same and smaller than the last.

When Snowflake is in an unmanageable pile

her bulldozers and dump trucks will come

for some serious snow removal.

Dennis, tell them to hold their horses,

we need to work up to that. A little kissing

and making out might lead to foreplay,

but I’m not going all the way

until I know it’s right between us and will last forever.

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